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Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

The Earth Life Foundation sponsors and community members volunteer their skills, money, or other resources (marketing space, devotion of employees time, etc.). They are developers, artists, writers, business managers, at home tinkerers and prototypes who work together to take the people of planet Earth to a whole new level of living.  Working with ELF is an opportunity for your career, your heart, & your people; with us you'll develop breakthrough concepts, Open Source software, & unheard of charity opportunities. Now is the time to volunteer your expertise. We are especially in need of programmers, skilled artists, and telephone representatives. You can do so much good for the world from the comfort of your home, to get started simply leave a message at

(714) 947-3668

or email:

volunteers @ earthlifefoundation.org (the spaces around the @ sign have been placed there to combat spam, please remove them.)

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