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Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

The Earth Life Foundation (also known as ELF) is now online. Here you will find information regarding the activities of The Earth Life Foundation, its projects, and contributors driving the change for a better world. In addition to ELF Projects you'll learn about worldwide events, and see how you can become a hero from your own backyard to the the Amazon jungle, the slums of India, and even the deserts of Africa. The time is now, Join us! --It's YOUR World.

The ELF News will be covering some related world events of importance in addition to whats happening within the the foundation. On this site we will explain our projects & how they benefit you and your world. There will be articles, videos, and interactive resources so that people like you who have an interest in the global community and those who have joined to help locally can see the groups endeavors and accomplishments, and learn how to contribute to saving and improving their planet.  Thank you so much for visiting, please pass the word, -- with your help, The ELF can save the world.

The ELF Projects List:

ELF Has a wide variety of projects geared towards addressing our planets many problems large and small. Here are a few of them:




Species Saver

Species locations mapped and tracked by anyone with an internet connection.


Plant's of Earth Database ("Plead")

Easily find the perfect plants for your needs.


Desert Destroyers

An anti-desertification game with real world impact.


Garden Eden

An organization building edible and functional landscapes throughout rural and urban areas.


Sustainable Hawaii

An organization devoted to bringing Hawaii a sustainable future in energy production, ecology, and agriculture. The end goal is not only to be able to provide the islands with all that they need but to bring them to a state of overproduction and thriving exports.

Aloha Financial

Assisting in raising funds for nonprofits.


Shared Profits Employment

A cooperative of businesses built by people for people who all profit from the business's success.



Automated free education stations for the impoverished.



Building schools and relevant curriculum for in-need communities around the world.


Mahalos Music

Encouraging positive "vibrations" by supporting progressive music.


Eden Global Communities

Idealistic modern living consisting of houses, complexes, towns, and neighborhoods.


St.Art Housing

St.Art stands for "Street art" and "start". It is an experiment in community housing to help up-and-coming artists, musicians, and creatives get their start; inspired by the artists of Riverside California.


Ascending Artists

A supportive online community for artists to exchange ideas and present their works.

Wikid World

Explore and build your world from your dreams to reality.


History Mapper

An interactive map and timeline of history. Explore the past as you have never seen it before.


ReResearch Institute

Investigating scientific experiments & repeating studies for indications of validity.


The ELF Research Portal

Giving independant and underfunded researchers a place to share their findings, experiments, and feedback; to collaborate; and to accomplish great things. You may not have the knowledge or tools to take your research to the next level, but someone else does  the Research Portal is how interested parties find eachother.

Sustainable Hawaiian Electric

Currently residents of Hawaii pay up to four times the mainland price for electicity. The S.H.E. company is dedicated to the sustainable production of energy in Hawaii using the power of ocean waves. Prototypes have been planned & facility locations evaluated. Funding is needed for contruction of the prototypes and their testing; funtional prototypes should be able to generate funding by providing grid power. A portion of all proceeds goes to the development of electrical infrastructure in under served communities such as Ocean View on the Big Island.

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The ELF's Mission PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 21 July 2013 17:36

Our mission is to organize the world to improve living conditions for humanity. Founded to assist in the management of life on Earth by implimenting solutions to problems such as species extinction, resource management, human wellbeing, and environmental destruction; the Earth Life Foundation is dedicated to improving all aspects of life on Earth. We incubate and manage businesses, charities, projects, and tools to help people better manage life on a beautiful, sustainable, and enjoyable planet.

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Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

The Earth Life Foundation is awaiting the resources required to apply for tax-free 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status, as such all donations are currently subject to taxation until we reach $450 with which we can then file the federal registration. The founders have experienced a series of unfortunate events have not been able to fund the federal registration but we are very grateful to have this web-presence established and growing. The Eventual plan is to have the foundation secured under a legal trust to ensure it's principles and mission are maintained through the future.

Please help us get the earth Life Foundation off the ground by being the first to donate. You will receive public recognition as the first official funder (unless of course you desire anonymity). With your help, we can educate the masses who have no teachers, we can preserve natural habitats and literally save species, & we can help people better manage their dreams with a revolutionary free software suite for the home computor and mobile devices. But we can only do these things, if you or someone like you helps make this dream come true. Donate today, bless tomorrow.

Support the E.L.F..

Spread the word: Tell people you know.

Coming soon:

  • Like us on Facebook, Zurker (the social network owned by its users by invitation only, free invitation coming here:), & Twitter
  • If you really love one of our projects more than the others you can donate specifically for that projects success, otherwise donations are entrusted to us for current top priorities.


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We are Volunteers PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

The Earth Life Foundation sponsors and community members volunteer their skills, money, or other resources (marketing space, devotion of employees time, etc.). They are developers, artists, writers, business managers, at home tinkerers and prototypes who work together to take the people of planet Earth to a whole new level of living.  Working with ELF is an opportunity for your career, your heart, & your people; with us you'll develop breakthrough concepts, Open Source software, & unheard of charity opportunities. Now is the time to volunteer your expertise. We are especially in need of programmers, skilled artists, and telephone representatives. You can do so much good for the world from the comfort of your home, to get started simply leave a message at

(714) 947-3668

or email:

volunteers @ earthlifefoundation.org (the spaces around the @ sign have been placed there to combat spam, please remove them.)

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The ELF Research Portal PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 03:45

The Earth Life Foundation's research portal will host research results for and by the community and the foundation as resources for the world. As part of our mission to assist in the effective organization of the world the portal will be sponsored by the ReResearch institute. You and your friends can help both by doing research directly (according to established guidelines) or by compiling existing information into the system.

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